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Article Review Assignment

Students are required to submit TWO typed article reviews. Each article review must address standard research content pertaining to current (2010-2015), original, scientific literature examined in one of the following journals listed below. Please keep in mind, you are interested in a holistic approach to health care delivery.

For PSG 212, your focus is on Pediatrics.

*Please note that the GCC Library also keeps some of these Journal titles in print. Ask a Librarian for assistance.

Article 1- Subjects

The articles should address one of the following subjects for Article 1, General Human Physiology for the Sleep Technologist:

  • Endocrine Function and Sleep Disorders
  • Renal Functions and Sleep Disorders
  • Digestive Function and Sleep Disorders
  • Immune Function and Sleep Disorders
  • Genitouriary Function and Sleep Disorders
  • Metabolism and Sleep Disorders
  • Thermoregulation and Sleep Disorders

Article 2- Subjects

The articles should address one of the following subjects for Article 2, Sleep and Medical Disorders:

  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Gastrintestinal Disorders
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Rheumatologic Disorders
  • Renal Disease
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Miscellaneous (see textbook)

ILLiad - Interlibrary loan service

Click on the link below to view the Request an Article Through ILLiad video to understand how to request articles from Chest and the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. The beginning of the video gives you the basic details, but starting at about 3:30, the video will cover how to make a direct request for an article.

APA citation

The library's APA citation guide will help you with the citations.

We also have a YouTube video for help citing journal articles.


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