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Review Books

Use our ILLiad Interlibrary Loan service to order books and videos for review.  This free service will deliver available items to both the Batavia campus and to any of the College's Campus Centers.  You can also order articles via ILLiad, and they may be delivered electronically to you within hours of your order.

Collection Maintenance

Help us improve our collections!

To maintain the physical and intellectual integrity of various collections, it is necessary to deselect materials in all formats which no longer meet the criteria for selection. As with the selection process, faculty are encouraged to participate. The following deselection criteria are used to ensure a collection of high standards:

  • Physical condition
  • Pertinence to current curricula
  • Titles with newer editions
  • Usage
  • Duplicate copies
  • Faculty input and authoritative subject bibliographies
  • Space constraints
  • Dated titles will be replaced with current titles as deemed appropriate. Consideration will be given to the historical value of older titles

Deselected titles will be offered to appropriate departments, area correctional facilities, nursing homes, high schools, library free rack, or recycled.

Please contact Cindy Francis if you are interested in reviewing the library materials associated with your subject area.

Diversity and Intellectual Freedom

It is the library’s policy to ensure freedom from censorship by religious, political, educational, civic or other specific interest groups. The library upholds the following principles of the American Library Association:

The library strives to select materials representing a range of views on various topics; however, it is not possible to represent every point of view or any point of view entirely within the scope of a community college library. If any library user has a complaint regarding our library materials, he/she may fill out a Complaint Form available at the Circulation & Reserve Desk. The form will be reviewed by the Director of Library Services with representation from the library and from college administration if necessary.

The library will attempt to meet the needs of the wide variety of scholastic ability and comprehension levels present in the community college student body.

Request a Book

College faculty and staff members may use this online form to request purchase of materials for the Alfred C. O'Connell Library's collection. Please provide as much information as possible. For assistance with requests, please contact Cindy Francis (Ext. 6126).

book request form

How do we Choose our Books?

 book icon Monographs, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and anthologies will be acquired in print or in electronic book format.
book icon Duplicate copies in print format will be purchased only if great demand is projected for a title.
book icon Occasionally a title will be purchased for both the reference and circulating collection.
book icon Hardcover books will ordinarily be selected over softcover.
book icon Price, projected use and perceived longevity are also considered.
book icon In addition to books related to the curriculum, the library selectively acquires titles that broaden cultural perspectives and encourage reading, such as those acquired for the popular paperback and graphic novel collections

Gift and Donation Policy

The library may accept gifts of either (1) monetary sums for the purchase of materials for a specified or unspecified purpose or (2) library materials. Gifts of library materials will be incorporated into the collection only if they meet the regular standards for selection of materials.

The library reserves the right to make decisions regarding use of donated materials and to dispose of duplicates or any material not selected for addition to the collection.

The library will acknowledge the donation by a letter of appreciation and a title list but is not responsible for valuation of gift items for tax or other purposes. Assigning monetary values of materials donated is the responsibility of the donor.

The library reserves the right to reject gifts requiring special conditions which it is unable to meet. Donations of cash, books or other valuables whose total value exceeds one thousand dollars ($1,000) must be formally accepted by the College President and/or Board of Trustees.

Donations of library materials or gifts purchased with donated money may be identified by a bookplate as a gift from the donor and/or noted in the item record for the online catalog.