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Converting VHS tapes to DVD

VHS format is no longer acquired. In accordance with copyright and fair-use guidelines, VHS-to-DVD transfer can be requested if

  1. there is documentation that the tape is owned by the College and/or
  2. a DVD update is not “reasonably” available for purchase.

VHS-to-DVD transfer material should be cataloged to ensure that those titles will be visible to patron searching in the GCC online library catalog. Contact Cindy Francis (Ext. 6126) for additional information.

Collection Maintenance

Help us improve our collections!

To maintain the physical and intellectual integrity of various collections, it is necessary to deselect materials in all formats which no longer meet the criteria for selection. As with the selection process, faculty are encouraged to participate. The following deselection criteria are used to ensure a collection of high standards:

  • Physical condition
  • Pertinence to current curricula
  • Titles with newer editions
  • Usage
  • Duplicate copies
  • Faculty input and authoritative subject bibliographies
  • Space constraints
  • Dated titles will be replaced with current titles as deemed appropriate. Consideration will be given to the historical value of older titles

Deselected titles will be offered to appropriate departments, area correctional facilities, nursing homes, high schools, library free rack, or recycled.

Please contact Cindy Francis if you are interested in reviewing the library materials associated with your subject area.

Request a Video

To complete a video purchase request, please print this form, fill in the pertinent information, and obtain your division dean's approval. Digital Streaming Rights may be purchased when available and financially feasible. 

For assistance with requests, please contact Cindy Francis (Ext. 6126).

video request form

Searching the GCC Library Catalog for Videos

Before requesting a video, please check the catalog to see if the library already owns it.

Search our Catalog